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30.10.2013 - Mobile phone as a 3D scanner

On Oct. 30, during Innovation Day 2013 at Microsoft Research Asia, a demo called 3-D Scanning with Mobile Devices set up an intriguing premise: making 3D printing more accessible to the masses.

In recent months, 3-D printing has leapt into the popular vernacular. Not that long ago, 3-D printers and the items they produce seemed little more than an unusual plaything for organizational use. Such printers were expensive, difficult to understand, and, for most people, simply inaccessible.

No longer, though. Such printers have plummeted in price and mushroomed in popularity. The result is that what seemed a distant dream has suddenly become a tantalizing reality. The question for many quickly is morphing from “What could they do?” to “What can I do?”


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